Integrating Microsoft Teams with Dynamic 365 using Office 365 Incoming Webhook.

Note this does not utilize the Teams Connectors available in Power Automate.

No-Code Low-Code


Microsoft Power Automate aka Flow, is one of the best tools that I have ever used in the Microsoft Business application tools.

Having said that there are few limitations as to what can be achieved using it.

For me personally, one thing that really bothers me are the Ads that Teams Connector places on adaptive cards it sends out to teams.

I feel this does not give us the ability to use this in a production environment, and working in a team that build products using these tools. It is quite complicated to explain to the clients why its not their icons when sending out the notification on teams.

Problem Statement:

Find a way to post notifications in Teams Channels, without using Flows Connector.
In this case the problem statement is, when a case is assigned to a team, we post a notification to a team stating the details about the case in a adaptive card.


The solution has three folds,
1. Setting up the Webhook within Teams.
2. Customizing Dynamics 365 and creating the Flow.
3. Creating the Adaptive Card.

1 . Setting up the Webhook Within Teams

As the first step, login into teams with your organization Id, if in case you do not see any of the options in the video on your instance of Team, please check with your IT Team to give you access.
Please refer to this

Note : One of the most painful thing about teams is any changes to security policy takes more than 24 hrs to reflect on all the devices.

Let’s get started with step 1

2. Customizing Dynamics 365 and creating the Flow.

The second step is to create a field in Dynamics to hold the Webhook URL and use Power Automate to trigger a notification to Microsoft Teams.

3. Creating the Adaptive Card.

This technically is a message card, but Microsoft has promised to release adaptive card support soon.

If you were able to follow along and did not hit any major roadblock, you should have a good starting point.

Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback.

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